There is no way to underestimate the predominance of the internet in today’s marketing campaigns for all industries, and the food industry is no exception. The vast majority of restaurant patrons will take few moments to consult with the Google search engines before making their choice of venue. This is why it is so important that your restaurant is easily found by customers seeking your specific foods.

Customers will be looking for places to eat in their general area, and this is why you need a properly optimized website that makes your place easy to find. Furthermore, it needs that specialized SEO that places your options in a higher spot on the Google search results for the species of food you are serving.

It’s a good time to be advertising online, and statistics show that food options and restaurant searches are one of the most frequent queries. But, it will be important to know how to be attracting the right portion of your customers, and this takes carefully crafted keywords and phrases that will lead your eager and hungry customers directly to your web page.

Restaurant SEO


Even if they don’t click the link that will take them to your web page, just being in the preferred position in those search engine results makes an important impression with the online customer at this moment when they are most susceptible. Psychologists agree that this type of advertising is effective because it makes an important association between your brand and good eating.

The online consumer is always making mental notes from the results of their various search queries. If they have searched for food once they will likely do this search many times. While customers themselves don’t always realize, this type of suggestion controls a significant portion of sales today.

But, assuming that the customer does click on the link and finds their way to your site, a valuable connection has been made with a high-value customer. Even if they don’t do service with you at this juncture it is very likely they will shortly so long as you have done a good job of presenting your special brand of eats in captivating color and spectacular animations.

Nothing makes a hungry customer mad with desire like deftly crafted imagery depicting delectable morsels of tasty food. With this in mind, you can see that the website design is arguably the most crucial part of the campaign. If a client was to be attracted to your website and then met with stock images of spaghetti and meatballs they may begin to doubt your culinary capacity.

You will want to use images and layouts as fresh and enticing as the food you offer and then an extra 10% that only a skilled photographer can provide. You know how those fast food items always look better on the pictures than when you are trying to woof them down, that is what you are shooting for.

An experienced team of SEO Saint John professionals will also have the insights into the food industry to present the location in the best possible way to attract the right customers. This includes making the layout, color schemes, fonts and more reflect the values of the location in question.
Coupled with first-rate Moncton SEO, the carefully planned website design of for your business will be the most effective tool for attracting foot traffic to your location. With the great amounts of people who will be searching for food just like yours today and shortly this is an important aspect of your marketing campaign that can’t be neglected. Our SEO was done by Rise Atlantic which is located in Moncton and Saint John but serves all around North America. Their face book contact is :

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